Breakthrough to Success.

I am absolutely worn out this evening, but in a really good way. A month or so ago I received an email invite to a seminar weekend here in Perth, run by a company called Universal Events. I hadn’t heard of them before, but the email had come via another company’s mailing list that I am subscribed to. They were offering a free seat at a three day event in one of the big hotels on the coast at Scarborough.

At the time I received the email I was in Hawaii, but knew I would be back in Perth by this weekend. I was not sure if I would be working by now, but thought I could book to go to the seminar, and cancel if it turned out that I would not be here.

The event was called “Breakthrough to Success”, and it sounded very interesting from the website giving further details. But of course I was somewhat skeptical too, after all, it was free, so what was the catch?

But a lot of the emphasis of the blurb on the website was about setting and achieving goals – how could I not go? At the very least I might get a bit more motivation to keep pushing me on along my current path.

The three days began at 9am on Friday morning, and ran through until about 10.30pm that night. The timetable for Saturday was the same, although I missed the Saturday evening session for reasons explained below. And today ran until about 8pm too. It was a very long weekend, but what a fantastic experience!

There was so much information packed into the time, along with some incredible excercises and activities. There was a lot of discussion about matters that I have been spending quite a bit of time considering recently, such as how we view the world around us, and how our experience is affected by our values, beliefs, attitudes and expectations.

There were sessions on goal setting, dealing with negative emotions, false beliefs, and all sorts of other fascinating stuff. The whole weekend was brilliant, and I got way more than I ever expected to out of it.

The presenter was very charismatic, and entertained, amused, challenged and educated over 200 people in a very engaging manner.

And what was the catch? Well, there wasn’t one really. The company offers all sorts of other courses which follow on from this introductory seminar, and cover a lot of the subjects that we looked at, but in much greater depth. There was a lot of info on these other courses, and many people signed up for quite a few of them. They did sound like awesome events, but my travels will take me away again while many of them are on, so for now I simply got as much as I could out of the weekend.

And that really was quite a lot! I came away with much more than a simple top-up of motivation. I really feel very focussed and ready to tackle the next section of my goals list.

If you want further details, or even want a free ticket for one of these eye-opening weekends, click on the link below:

FREE Ticket To BTS

As I mentioned, I missed the Saturday evening at the seminar, but had an invite to a party celebrating my friend Mel’s 15 years here in Australia. She is originally from France, and the theme of the party was French, of course. I don’t know if it was much help towards my goal of being able to speak better French, but I did drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of cheese!!

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It was also a bit hard to concentrate at the seminar on Sunday morning at 9 am too! Oh la la!

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