Jetlag down under.

I landed in Perth on Sunday afternoon, and was met by Marty and daughter Maxine, which felt like coming full circle, as when I first departed from Perth back on Day One of my 100 goals adventure back in August 2008, it was Marty, Carol and Maxine who waved me off.

Perth is six hours ahead of South Africa, and I have been struggling a little with jetlag. I was wide awake most of the night on my first evening back here, and eventually fell asleep at around 5am, sleeping almost until midday. I am still up late each evening, but forced myself out of bed at 7am this morning in hopes of getting at last onto Perth time today. I have cycled and swum today, so hope I will be tired by a reasonable time, and get a good night’s sleep.

I have had to cycle a bit over the last two days, as when I went to collect my motorbike, ten months standing has not done it much good, and I couldn’t get it started. The battery went flat while cranking it over, and even trying to jump-start it with a car wouldn’t pull the petrol through.

A fantastic Aussie product came to the rescue this morning. I knew it was somewhere in the garage among all my junk, but hadn’t been able to find it until I had a big tidy-up this morning. A tin of “Start Ya Bastard” is a must in every garage toolbox!!

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With the bike now running again I am much more mobile, and can get out and about to catch up with other friends, try to arrange some more goal stuff, and try to sort out my junk. I really wish it had all sold as part of ALife4Sale, and I wouldn’t have to deal with it now.

I am going to try once again over the next couple of weeks to try to sell most of the remaining bulky items, and find somewhere to store the rest of the stuff I can’t get rid of!

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