Out of Africa.

Once more my bags are packed, and it’s time to move on again, this time back to Australia for a few weeks. I have had a great time in South Africa, and wish I could stay for a bit longer, and do some more flying, but both time and money are getting tight now, and I still have twenty goals left to achieve, and eighteen weeks left to get them done! It’s time to make my way back home now I’ve leared how to fly!!

Here’s a short video of a couple of clips from yesterday’s solo flight. I think Gerhard might be horrified to find out I had time to take a couple of video clips!

On Gerhard’s Madiba Bay School of Flight website, he says, “We put the FUN back into flight.” He has certainly done that!

Learning to fly here in South Africa has been a big thrill and a huge challenge. But most of all, it has been incredible FUN. I can’t thank Gerhard enough for his wonderfully patient instruction, and for trusting me at such an early stage with one of his planes! What an awesome experience! Thanks also to John and Claudius at Helicharter Backpackers for their wonderful hospitality.

Onto a couple of bigger planes later this evening, first for the short hop back to Johannesburg, and then the long overnight haul to Perth. I reckon if the pilots get poisoned by the fish dinner though, as always happens in airliner disater movies, I will be ready to take over and land at Perth! Hold on tight, it might be a bumpy landing!

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