Eiffel Tower on Friday! Come and join in!

While in France I didn’t manage to get up to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, spending most of my time in the beautiful southern part of the country. However, now that I am in London, with the rail tunnel under the Channel, it is only just over two hours by train to Paris.

So with a couple of spare days before hopefully meeting a few other Ian Ushers in London on Saturday night, I have booked myself a return journey to Paris. I travel tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, and return on Saturday morning. I plan to be a tourist for the day in Paris on Friday.

I am going to schedule my visit to the Eiffel Tower for 10am on Friday 5th September, and anyone who wants to come along to join in with me as I achieve a goal is welcome to do so. I will be at the point shown in the picture below, right by the base of the north leg of the tower at exactly 10am on Friday. See you there:-

I plan to climb the tower by the staircase as far as I can, I think you can go on foot as far as the second floor, and then take the lift to the top. The exercise should help a bit towards my “Slim back down to 70kg” goal, which is not going too well at the moment! Hopefully I can practice a bit of French too with someone on the way up if I am not too out of breath!

More details on the Eiffel Tower here:-
Eiffel Tower
Entry cost is 12 Euros.

Goal details:

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