CNN cheese rolling reports.

When I was in Cannes, my friend Rikki was chatting with a TV producer from the UK, who just happened to be looking for someone who had been, or was going to the cheese rolling festival.

Rikki put me in touch with Rupert, and he put me in touch with Don at CNN in London. They wanted me to appear on their show this morning, but only if I had managed to be a competitor in the event.

And so at 6am (another early start!) a CNN courtesy car came to collect me from Martin and Rachel’s house, and whisked me into the central London studio, where I was wired up with a microphone, and told that I would be on in a few minutes.

It had all been organised pretty quickly, and I had no idea what show I was going to be on, and I asked where and when it was going to be transmitted. “This is going out live, on CNN International, all over the world!” I was quite surprised at how calm I felt, but then after chasing cheeses down Cooper’s Hill, this would be a breeze!

Here is the video of my interview. Great fun!

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val - May 27, 2009 Reply

Welllllllll dooooooooooooooooooooone

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