… and a few minor setbacks too!

I have been spending a fair bit of time catching up with friends back here in Perth, sometimes to the detriment of the goals, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

On St. Patrick’s Day I headed out early on the motorbike, and met an old friend Ed at the coffee shop in Leederville. I haven’t seen Ed for about four years, and we caught up on each others news for two hours or so over a couple of coffees. It was going to be a big coffee day – ideally, it should really be Guinness, to celebrate the Irish National Day, but that wouldn’t help with either the weight goal, or with riding the motorbike!

From there I rode out to the coast for lunch and more coffee at Scarborough, where my friend Bek now lives. Bek recently lived and worked in South America for a couple of years, and we had spent a bit of time in the same places, and have got plenty of notes to compare. Bek now owns and runs an indiginous tour company here in Perth, and I have booked in for her tour sometime next week – not sure of the day yet.

After lunch I rode up to Innaloo where I met Glennys for more coffee. I have only met Glennys once before, after she contacted me via the 100goals website, but we got on pretty-well, and found that we had a lot in common. I had many questions for her about her self-published book, “50 Ways To Grieve Your Lover”.

I hoped that I may have had a book deal signed, sealed and delivered by now, but as yet I am still hopefully waiting. Self-publishing is an alternative that I am considering is if nothing concrete presents itself in the next month or two.

I am really struggling with the goal to “see a baby being born”. Obviously this is an intensely personal moment, and I have to find someone who is happy to have me there at such a private event. I have had a couple of offers during my travels, but actually being in the right place at the right time is proving to be somewhat tricky.

I am also having a few problems with some of the other, bigger goals too, and am waiting for further information before deciding how to try to make progress towards them. Finding a spot where I can drive a car into water off a jetty without getting into legal trouble is proving to be much harder than I thought. And the Russian plane which runs weightlessness flights has technical issues, and won’t be flying until much later in the year, well after my 100 weeks period finishes!

Oh dear! Back to the drawing board again!!

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