Slow but steady progress with some of the final goals.

I have been back in Australia just over two weeks now, and I wonder how that time has gone so quickly. I am also slightly concerned that in that time I have only managed to tick off one more goal, the naked skydive.

However, I am making slow but steady progress with several other goals, and despite it now being week 85, and only 81 goals achieved, I am doing the groundwork for several other goals.

In skydiving terms, I have been jumping regularly, and feel I am as ready as I can be for my night jump on the 27th of this month, so long as the weather is suitable.

My goal of getting down to 70kg (154lb) and maintaining that weight is going well, and when I weighed myself this morning I was a slimline 68.4 kilos. This goal also goes hand-in-hand with my desire to develop a bit of a six-pack stomach. This too is showing small signs of promise, and exchanging a bit of fat for a bit more muscle should get me somewhere near my target.

The unicycle progress has been halted temporarily, however. I borrowed my friend Mel’s unicycle, but the threads in the pedal cranks have stripped out, which means the pedals just slip out when any pressure is applied to them. I am now waiting for the cycle shop to locate some more cranks.

I have treated myself to a new harmonica. The one I was travelling with was a $10 cheapie, and the low and high notes didn’t play too well, and it frustrated me to try to use it. So with a lesson coming up at the weekend I went out and bought a Hohner Blues Harp, which is really nice to play. I have also signed up for some online lessons here, and am really enjoying the progress I am now making. I try to practice a little bit each day.

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I have also been making enquiries into some of the other, as yet unplanned goals, and have made some steps forward, so am hopeful for more progress towards some of them too in the near future.

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