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Here are a couple of articles about my talk at TEDx Vienna. The first is from an Austrian financial newspaper, the second from a blog in Spanish. I have included links to the original articles, and added translations here taken straight from Google Translate.

The second article is very flattering indeed. Thanks to both writers.


http://wirtschaftsblatt.at/home/life/techzone/dossiers/tedx/1475438/Das-Ende-der-Angst-und-das-Leben-als-Vision (2021 update: link dead)

Interview. 2008 Ian Usher sold his whole life on ebay, and has since been living as an adventurer. Disney bought the film rights from him, from the proceeds he treated himself to a Caribbean island. With wirtschaftsblatt.at he talks about fear and failure.

In 2008, Ian Usher decided to give up his old life and to live henceforth as an adventurer, under the motto “A life for sale” (“Life for Sale “), he therefore put his life on Ebay for sale – including home, car, trial month in the job and familiarization session with his friends. The global media attention was enormous, Usher’s book was a success and Disney bought with the rights for filming this unusual decision. The proceeds to Usher bought a Caribbean island, where he lives today.

With wirtschaftsblatt.at he talked about fear, stigma of failure and entrepreneurial concepts in private life.

WirtschaftsBlatt.at : Why have you made this unusual decision to suddenly live full time as an adventurer?

I’ve always been an adventurer, I have of my father. He has already taken me earlier on adventure holidays with where we have made kayaking and the like. Since I’m quite an adrenaline junkie.

What are the pros and cons, if you’re an adrenaline junkie?

Some people need this input more than others. Personally, I see the life-affirming aspect: After a skydive I can feel what it is in life. I understand that this involves risks – but I would not be half as happy if I do not make these threats and enjoy the corresponding boost.

One of your idols, Richard Branson, votes maintains motto “Do good and have fun, and money will come. You said too?

Yes, that fits perfectly. In my talk at the TEDxVienna I’ve asked the question of what the audience – like a company, define the goals must – see as their life vision. My personal answer to this question is that I want to have a life full of experience and adventure without harming other people. And now that I begin to lecture, I see it as my job to inspire others to realize their dreams. I hope that further talks will follow.

Our readers are decision makers in the economy. So they should all resign tomorrow and follow their example?

I’m not saying that everyone should quit his job tomorrow. For some people this is the right answer, but not for all. Instead, everyone should ask: what stimulates me? Some people find the implementation in a home, a steady job and family life.

What holds people back in realizing their dreams?

Mainly, it is fear. The fear of leaving one’s comfort zone. It is easy to dwell in safety – it did the job, the house and enough salary to pay off the loan. Since it is tempting to fall into a routine in which you will be challenged not by much. Then it is difficult to do something that’s scary – it’s skydiving, or to give a talk to hundreds of people. Many are afraid to make the first move. If the first step is done once, the second step is much easier, and the third even easier.

This would also apply to the decision by some young entrepreneurs to terminate the daytime job and start their own business. Here are afraid, too many of the risk.

Yes, I did it like: I have worked for other people and also founded my own company. There is then a fear of the unknown, a fear of failure: What do I do if it does not work? You have previously mentioned Richard Branson – he also says that many successful founders are failed several times before they succeeded. Failure is part of the learning process: You have to learn to experience the failure, and then get up again. Many people are afraid because they see failure as a unique ultimate failure. But the way life is full of challenges and setbacks – so you have to get along.

Especially in Austria, many people fear the stigma.

A part of my journey was the realization that it does not really matter what other people think. I’m doing this for me, other people’s opinion does not affect me here. If I build my own life decisions on what other people think or prior to the fear, then there is no happiness can be established.

What is next for you?

I have now an island in Panama. I have every two to three years, the need for change, and now I live there for two years – so it is for sale. I want to free myself from the property and travel more again. I also want to hold more talks to motivate and inspire others.

How much is the island?

It lies off the coast of Panama and costs $250,000 (193,000 euros ). So you could sell his apartment in Vienna and this move to a Caribbean island. The island include a house, a boat , canoe and chicken – everything remains on the island, and I just break with two suitcases on . There is an internet connection and mobile phone reception – so you could even run a online business from there.

And lead an autonomous life?

Yes , the house has solar panels and electric storage , as well as ways to collect rainwater. We only need to buy gas that drives the refrigerator and the stove. The living costs amount to a total of three dollars per week, plus food and gasoline for the canoe.



TEDx Vienna 2013 : a day of unlimited experiences
Posted on 10/11/2013

Why are you here? What is your mission? What you want to do?

Ian Usher : traveler, adventurer , writer and speaker .

Here are some of the questions that were thrown under the big question: “How far can you go?” (How far can you go?) Last TED event in Vienna, under the name and theme “Unlimited”, perhaps, response.

Earlier this month, on November 2nd, I learned things that I was taught in college. I have seen brilliant minds in the world to me, as one, even nervous about having to give a 20-minute talk to over 800 people in the Austrian capital in the beautiful Volkstheater.

Thanks to the wonderful team TEDxVienna 2013 “Unlimited”, which fortunately I was able to participate as a volunteer, I enjoyed the TED talks” of fantastic professionals including Ian Usher could highlight, the man who went on sale throughout his life on eBay in 2008, Auma Obama, with an energetic speech about the limitless opportunities, Michael Stevens, famous for questioning and give a scientific explanation supposedly ordinary things the YouTube channel “Vsauce”.

Obviously there was more geniuses, but I can not list them all, perhaps Carl Djerassi, the inventor of the contraceptive pill, the Spanish designer and inventor of a new material, Manel Torres and a 16- year-old Elif Belgin, which gave a good example of simplicity in saying that both a 10 and an adult can learn.

If I have to play all, of many, not end this post. I better, I recommend you take a look at the online page where the videos will soon be well.

But just mentioning the parameter Auma Obama offered, saying children and future generations have to “give voice” and the energy to speak. “Young people need to project your voice to be heard” and so, in that way, they themselves will listen to your ideas and then they will become and they will realize that. Such was the passion that this woman showed for his task, after the event, I had a long talk with those who could not miss the opportunity to hear the voice of experience.

Something very funny was the great speaker and “inquisitive” Michael Stevens with his speech “Why do we ask questions?” (” Why do you ask?”). With an incredibly funny speech while talking about his successful YouTube channel and clear final message : “Whys and wise ideas,” ie “Children ask is heavy”, but also wise.

Whatever it is, that night at the party, in the “Rote Bar” Volkstheater , when I had the chance to meet and chat with him about his new professional projects at one time I answered with some answer that became the silence and said, “Why? “.

(Instant only one in my life: I do not know who got more face still wonder, if he or I be asked for realizing what he had done , the reaction of a friend and two guys who were watching was the same hihi, why not) .

But the speech that made me shudder and yes, I cried a little, maybe a lot, was to Ian Usher, who also kept the whole theater enthralled with their stories and adventures, and offered a breath of fresh air and optimism.

This man wanting to change your entire life, put everything on sale and decided to stay alone with a wallet, some clothes and passport, in 2008 and created a list of 100 things to do, purposes for a new life more exciting. Value and desire for something that managed to play in 100 weeks which is most amazing. And all this, by the ever done and the great strength to stop and think and ask themselves what makes you happy.

No doubt thrilled me, filled me with vitality and hope. And it reminded me that what I want to do is what counts, not what others are normal or not. In other words: a reference and person … ” my own planet.”

And you, what do you fancy?

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