Usher’s Island

Life has been full over the past few months, what with “New Lives in the Wild” being filmed on the island, followed by a quick dash across the Atlantic to speak at TEDx in Vienna, and then a whirlwind tour of the UK visiting friends and family.

In our absence there has been more excitement back at “Usher’s Island”. A US TV show called “House Hunters International” contacted neighbours of ours, wanting to film a spin off show called “Island Hunters”. They needed a couple of other islands to film for a Bocas-based episode, and we were happy to offer our services.

Apparently they filmed the property from a helicopter and visited the island to create part of the episode too. The show will probably air early in the new year.

There is a partner website to the show which lists island properties for sale around the world, and as our little island is due to feature on the show we were offered a free listing on the website.

The producers needed a name for the island, and we went with the simple choice of “Usher’s Island”.

Check out the listing here:

I think our island is probably the cheapest one listed on the website, which is pretty high-end. “Usher’s Island” shares its listing with a few multi-million dollar locations.

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