Auction ends in 4 days!! Just bought my first Ferrari !!

A few people have suggested that this whole thing is a big scam, set up merely to get a huge amount of traffic to my website, and therefore gain a huge amount of revenue from “webhits”!

People seem to think that huge traffic automatically means huge money, but where do they imagine the money comes from? I discussed this in some detail way back when I launched the website, and you can read the blog article here:
81 days to go! Some more issues to deal with.

Basically, money on the internet comes from either being paid for adverts that are placed on your site for other people’s products, or by selling your own product.

For a while I ran some Google AdSense ads, and a couple of Amazon ones, in an effort to cover my web-hosting costs! My website hosting company are called ICDSoft, and I cannot speak highly enough of them. They have been kind enough to agree to run an ad on my homepage instead of charging me what would be quite a sum of money for the huge amount of traffic the site is receiving. I got an email from them this morning stating that daily hits are over 150,000, but they forsee no problems, and have a plan in place if traffic increases further. The site has run flawlessly, and if you are looking for excellent value webhosting, have a look at

Anyway, I decided to spend all of my Google AdSense income in one big, hasty, rash purchase, and now own my first Ferrari. I was torn between a couple of models, and almost went for the F50, but in the end I decided on the 2006 model Ferrari Superamerica, with the open top.

As with everything else, this will remain with the house for the new owner to enjoy:-

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

Thank you Google AdSense, I couldn’t have done it without you!

Link to the auction:-

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isp_of_doom - June 25, 2008 Reply

…what a rich guy. Can’t wait for my first Ferrari.

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