89 days to go!! Clearing up some issues…

Hi again,

Wow, what a busy ten days it’s been, but thankfully Easter has given me a bit of a break.

I’ve tried to kick back a bit and relax and just enjoy a normal weekend out and about with friends. So while I have time I thought I would take the opportunity to answer some points raised, either in the GuestBook, on the Bulletin Board, or via email.

But first I have to say thanks again to all who have responded to this, whether positive or otherwise – it has been amazing and fascinating to see the reactions of people to this.

So here are a few things, in no particular order.

Website modifications:

There is only myself, with pretty limited web design skills, and my friend Melanie, with unlimited web skills, but very limited time, working on this. We are aware that there have been issues with the site, particularly for Firefox users, and the issues we know of have now been resolved. I believe the main one was the “Inside Pictures” section did not work – this now does! Please do continue to let us know if there are any other issues, and we will sort them as soon as we can (or as soon as Mel can!)

We had to change a lot of the website from it’s original design, as it was just too big, and my hosting company told me that I used up my monthly bandwidth allowance within two days.

They have been very good, and with a placement of their banner on the home page, the whole issue has been taken care of. If you are looking for web hosting, I recommend you consider them, they are reasonably priced and have an excellent support system.

I have decided to try out some Google advertising on the site. I originally did not intend to do so, but with the amount of media attention this has raised, I have missed a lot of time at work! Jenny has been very good about this, but I still have food to buy and a mortgage to pay, so I hope this might help to cover expenses.

GuestBook & Bulletin Board (now closed 2019)

I reckon about 80% of the comments on the “Guestbook” are positive and 20% negative. Thanks to all for your comments. I have been questioned about why I have not responded in the guestbook to anything, and my response is: How often does a hotel owner or restaurant manager write in his own guestbook? The guestbook is exactly that, I do not intend to reply to anything in there, nor will I edit or change anything, unless it contains unsuitable language, or is unnecessarily abusive towards somebody.

If you want to discuss matters in depth, the Guestbook is not really the place to start back and forth discussions, head to the “Bulletin Board”, which is the tab right next to GuestBook, and join in there. Again here I do not moderate anything, other than for the reasons above, and enjoy reading and joining in with all sorts of discussions.

One of my current favourite topics is the guy/gal who thinks this is all one big hoax, and has promised to eat his/her hat if this ever gets to auction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are quite a few questions that are frequently raised, and I am regularly updating the “FAQ” page. Please be patient with me, as I say I am essentially a one man band here, and have an inbox with over a thousand messages I still have to go through. Apologies for any delays. I will hopefully get caught up over the next couple of days.

Update 2019 – the guest book, forum, contact me pages have all now been deleted following the end of this project. Please contact me by email on the IanUsher.com website.

Finally, I would like to make it clear that I have no intention of discussing details of my marriage, or reasons for our separation.

I regularly get asked about this, and always say that although the separation was the initial trigger for doing this, I am not doing this for revenge, or out of spite.

It is over two years since we parted, so I have had plenty to think about my motivations for this. I am doing this looking forward to an exciting new future, not looking backwards with regret. Laura has refused to comment on any of this, and I respect her decision in that. She is a person of great integrity, and I only hope that I can show as much integrity throughout the rest of this auction as she has.

So, please don’t ask, I don’t intend to answer, and it really is not at all relevant. Thanks.

Once again, thank you all for your comments, good wishes, and offers of support. This is turning out to be an incredible experience.

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Orchid - March 24, 2008 Reply

Good for you for being classy and not commenting on your marriage.

Good luck with everything and your new life.

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