7 days to go!! Movie quiz results.

The movie quiz is over. I am afraid nobody got everything right, which surprised me a little! But there is still a winner. The quiz was to name the 7 movies, one PlayStation game and one group in concert, which are featured in the Home Entertainment System video that I made. You can watch it here:-

The answers are as follows:-

The Last Samurai
Master And Commander
Air Force One
Where Eagles Dare
Driver 2
AC/DC (Live at Donnington)

Nobody got the Playstation game correct, and nodody got the movie Where Eagles Dare, which is an absolute war movie classic starring Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton. A must-see! I have an original cinema poster from this movie, framed on the wall behind the big screen so it is displayed when the screen is powered away, which is, of course, included as part of the package:-

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However, there is a winner, who came the closest to having everything right. Congratulations to David Sloan, triumphant winner of the Great ALife4Sale Blog Movie Quiz! David even spotted where the live concert was filmed from the tiny portion of it shown! Well done!

As promised I am offering David the choice between two small but meaningful prizes:-

Prize Option 1:-

Book – “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
This is a great reference book for any movie lover, and I often refer to it before heading out to the DVD rental store.

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Prize Option 2:

A pair of wine glasses form Voyager Estate in Margaret River:-

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These glasses are very appropriate as a movie quiz prize, as I won them originally in a movie quiz four years ago. Laura and I went with three other couples down to Margaret River, where we rented a beautiful huge house by the ocean for a long weekend. We went on a wine tour (of course), and ate, drank and relaxed at the house for the weekend, and went swimming at the beach less than 100 metres away. All the photos I have from that weekend are pretty blurred, and I blame the camera – nothing to do with the amount of alochol we consumed!

click to see larger picture   click to see larger picture

Anyway, someone brought a DVD-based movie quiz game, and one evening we decided that the prize would be the two glasses we had somehow collected on the wine tour – we were not really sure who owned them, as we had got them as part of a package with six bottles of wine bought, or something!

And so with a marvellous late rally, Laura and I won the game and took the prize. And here they are four years later on offer to another movie quiz winner.

Congratulations David, take your pick!

I will let you know David’s prize choice as soon as I hear from him. For everyone else, whatever item David does not pick will remain in the house to be part of the auction package.

Good luck if you are bidding.

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yves - June 15, 2008 Reply

didn’t know the game, as everybody

and the movies i took where

in stead of
ronin => leon
just because of the actor

Where Eagles Dare => james bond
i thought it was the scene of bond with jaws ^^

anyway nice job to the winner

and good luck selling


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