63 days to go!! Sopranos theme tune

I am progressing well with my goal of watching the The Sopranos (“Modern day morality tale about New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, as he deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life.” www.imdb.com), Seasons 1 to 5 before auction day. I am currently well ahead of the average of one episode a day that I need to maintain. As of today, I still have 43 episodes to watch, and 63 days to go. However, I have found out from imdb.com that Season 6 has 21 episodes, and I would also like to see this too, so the pressure is back on again!!

Unfortunately the downside of all this is that I no longer trust any of my friends, have eaten a lot more pasta than I usually do, and am always looking over my shoulder in a suspicious fashion, wondering if I am about to get “whacked”.

Ahh, foggedabouditt!!

I love the theme tune and video at the start of each episode. If you haven’t seen it before you can take a look here:-

When we first arrived in Perth Laura and I rented Series 1 of The Sopranos and got hooked then, but that was six years ago, and I never got any further with the story until now.

However, Laura, Marty and I made a Perth-based video inspired by The Sopranos theme, filming most of the material in and around Northbridge, Perth’s entertainment area. Because we have tried to capture the gritty feel of The Sopranos, the video probably doesn’t present Perth in the best light!

In a recent UK Channel 4 documentary, “The 50 Greatest Television Dramas”, The Sopranos was voted Number 1.

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