61 days to go!! If only Nicodemus had eBay! Or perhaps an xbox 360!

I get many emails telling me I need to turn to Jesus, or that I need to let God into my life. The Guest Book often contains references to my need for some form of spirituality in my life.

A while ago I talked about the nature of assumption in one of my blog postings, which can be seen here:
82 days to go!! The nature of assumption.

While I appreciate the good intentions behind such messages and articles, it still surprises me that people make so many assumptions without any real evidence to support them.

The first article below, for example, from “Pulpit” blog, assumes I am taking this action out of sheer desperation, and suggests that I need a new heart, not a new start. Personally I feel that my heart is in pretty good shape, and I also think that at times we all need a new start. I don’t agree that the end result after a new start is inevitably the same as before.

The other forum discussion is from a gaming website, and reflects quite different interests. Nicodemus came looking for Jesus asking how to be re-born. Perhaps if he had an xbox 360, like these guys, he would never have left home in the first place!!

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