60 days to go!! New video – family entertainment in Perth.

60 days and counting until the auction begins! I haven’t got anything new to report, as nothing much has happened in the past ten days, apart from a couple of radio interviews, so I thought there is little point doing a video to say not much has happened. There have been a few questions asked by email about whether the whole package is targeted at single males, or whether a female or family could buy it. I have always said that the house would make a great family home, and was built with that in mind. And just because I live a bachelor life here doesn’t mean the new buyer has to.

Melanie has kids, and has made a video to show how family-friendly Perth is, and this shows a selection of the great family facilities and entertainment Perth has to offer. So here it is, in place of my usual chat.

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Love Generation by Bob Sinclar

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