52 days to go!! Pom Gone Walkabout.

I got an email from Eric Cullen about his website, “Pom Gone Walkabout”.

Eric Cullen, age 47 and still very much a young boy at heart. He’s a product of the 1960’s, born of English parentage in the midlands town of Loughcaster.

Forever young in mind, spirit and adventure, Eric is horribly trapped inside the rapidly aging body of a middle aged adult. Greying hair, a spreading midriff and frustrated with the world, he is forever searching for that elusive something. Eric has a yearning for the past and is never quite satisfied with his lot in life. Luckily Eric always kept his sense of humour about him.

A midlife crisis? No not really it’s always been this way. “Eric! You are never satisfied, I really don’t know what is to become of you” his mam often told him. Even after all these years it still rings true in his ears and the words are etched forever, deep within his brain.

I found his webpage quite interesting, as he is a similar age as me, and came from the UK with his wife to live in Australia, although he did so long before I did. He lived and worked in Sydney, until …

One evening whilst Eric made his way home from work, he noticed that a very large dark cloud had formed over the harbour bridge. “Something’s brewing” thought Eric. It was, and a divorce just like lightning came like a bolt from out of the blue. Eric was all alone in a strange land.

I know that feeling, Eric!

Eric’s answer was eventually to buy himself a Land Rover, and with his new partner, and a dog, head into the outback.

There are many obvious parallels with my own story, and in reading Eric’s tale, I can see that he is now very happy and content where he is, and I hope one day that I can find the same contentment.

Good on ya, Eric!

Take a look at the site at:

There are some wonderful Australian outback photographs on the site too, have a look at the Gallery page. Here are a couple of my favourites:-

click to see larger picture click to see larger picture click to see larger picture

Photographs copyright Eric Cullen.

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