47 days to go!! Speakers by the spa!

I occasionally get asked whether I will be listing the contents of my cupboards and drawers. A few people have asked why, after spending so much time and effort photographing my house, I haven’t photographed or itemized the contents of the entire house.

My original approach was simply to detail anything of value: the house, the car, the bike, jet ski, computer, skydive gear, cameras, etc ….

I never expected this event to raise such worldwide interest and people to have such an interest in me and my personal stuff, so I spent time presenting my house and my valuable items the same way a real estate agent might in order to sell it all in the more traditional way.

I also intended to present small items of no financial value but which have a “sentimental” value to me in this blog in the days leading to the auction and still intend to do so. In fact, you can see more about my koala bear by clicking here.

As for the contents of my kitchen drawers, my bathroom cabinet or my fridge, really, I don’t think it makes much difference. Have a look in your own kitchen drawers, and I am sure the contents of mine will be somewhat similar.

I’m pretty sure that anyone who places a bid on my auction will be not be worried about how much toothpaste or soap I leave behind in the bathroom, and I imagine that a lot of that stuff will actually be thrown away by the new owner of my life, due to total disinterest or even basic hygiene.

Then again, when a cornflake sells on Ebay for $1350, and a piece of burnt toast sells for $28,000, it might become much more lucrative for the winner of the auction to place these items back on Ebay one by one:
“For sale – worn shoes which belonged to the guy who sold his life on Ebay!!”

Who knows, he/she/they might end up making a fortune out of selling what they don’t want bit by bit. From the emails I have received so far, quite a few items have raised a lot of interest.

So, I haven’t made a detailed list of smaller contents because I still live in the house and it changes slightly on a daily basis. Between now and June, I will buy and eat food so the contents of my fridge will vary. I might break a glass, throw away a pair of socks with holes in them, but I might buy a new pair of scissors. In fact I mentioned on the website that I wanted to install speakers next to the spa for a better spa-based movie and music experience. Well, I did that a week or two ago. And I couldn’t resist getting a copy of the latest James Bond Movie, Casino Royale so it has now been added to my DVD collection.

But be assured, what I have listed and detailed on the website as part of the auction will not change, unless some unforseen accident or breakage occurs!! If it doesn’t fit in my wallet, I won’t take it with me. If you win the auction, it’s yours!

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