46 days to go!! 2006 census data for the city of Perth

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For anyone interested in perhaps bidding on my auction in June, here are some interesting facts about Perth, from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

2006 census data for the city of Perth

I was intrigued to find that 31% of people living here were born overseas, and almost 10% of people living here were born in England.

I am now one of the 11.5% who are separated or divorced, one of the 61% employed full-time, one of the 78% living in a detached house.

That is an interesting statistic, I wonder how that compares to England, where there is so much terraced housing. The last house I owned in the UK was a two-bedroomed terraced house. I never imagined owning a house as nice as this one a few short years after arriving in Oz with very little money. But Australians refer to Australia as the lucky country, and I certainly think that Perth really is a great place to live and work.

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