29 days to go!! “Ian’s Cake Day” at work

For quite a few years now at Jenny Jones Rugs we have had a regular “Cake Day” each Friday morning. The idea is that each member of staff has to take a turn to bake some sort of biscuits or cake for all to have with morning coffee.

There is now quite an element of competition, and two weeks ago Matt did a great apple pie with ice cream, and last week Paula’s mountain of multi-coloured cup-cakes lasted almost three days, there were so many of them.

And so yesterday my turn came around again, and I decided I would have a go at a carrot cake. My cooking skills are not too good, so I searched the internet for a reasonably easy recipe, and followed it to the letter. I had to stop off at the shops on Thursday night on the way home to purchase a confusing list of ingredients, and spent quite some time searching for stuff such as vanilla essence and bicarbonate of soda, which are not items that usually appear on my shopping list!

I had to borrow a couple of cake tins, so I’m afraid they are not part of the contents of the house. They are not something that I have ever had a need for before, and imagine it will be quite a while before I ever need one again!

I was quite impressed with my efforts though, and proudly present my pictures to make your taste bud tingle! Although the recipe promised 18 portions from the ingredients used, the two cakes had all gone by the end of today, and there were only six of us there!. However, this was maybe because I didn’t ration it out as strictly as Paula did with her cup-cakes, and took quite an active role myself in devouring it.

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