23 days to go!! The end of an era at Jenny Jones Rugs!

Well, today is the day, the end of an era at Jenny Jones Rugs.

Paula, who I have known for three years now, since she started working at JJR, is leaving to go travelling and working abroad.

So today is her last day at work, and this evening we will all be going out to help her celebrate her departure. The plan will be to have a couple of beers at the shop before jumping on the train to Fremantle.

We have booked two games of Q-Zar, and a game or two on the air-hockey tables – I imagine it may all get a bit competitive!

Afterwards we are going to Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant for dinner and a cocktail or two! Their banquet menu looks very tasty.

I imagine a few of us will carry on into town for the rest of the evening afterwards. I am really looking forward to it, I haven’t had a proper night out for a while.

Good luck on your travels, Paula. We might be in London next time we meet!

Que Sera Sera.

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