21 days to go!! It’s officially winter…

Today is the first day of winter for us as we are in the Southern Hemisphere. Our winter in Australia covers the months of June, July and August.

But winter can be quite a different experience, depending on where you live in the world. Here in Perth, our winters feel more like a early spring or late autumn in England. I remember as a child winters in the north of England, when the town we lived in would be cut off by snow for several days. We had to dress up in so many layers of clothes to keep warm outside when we made snowmen, or had running snowball battles through the school yard.

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That seems so long ago now when on a chilly winter’s day here, sometimes you have to put an extra jumper on over your t-shirt.

Evenings and nights are getting a bit chilly now, but as yet I haven’t had to get the gas heater out of the shed. But the days are still quite nice, apart from yesterday’s torrential downpour for The Big Perth Freeze (see yesterday’s blog). Just to give you an idea, I have been wearing a fleecy jacket most days to catch the train to work in the morning, but pretty much every day I have been working in a short-sleeved shirt all day.

Here is a chart of the weather we have had for the last 2 weeks. Nice, isn’t it?


Saturday 17 May 2008 Fine. Min 6 Max 20
Sunday 18 May 2008 Fine. Min 7 Max 21
Monday 19 May 2008 Fine. Min 8 Max 22
Tuesday 20 May 2008 Fine. Min 8 Max 22
Wednesday 21 May 2008 Fine Day. Possible Overnight Showers. Min 7 Max 23
Thursday 22 May 2008 Showers easing. Fine Day. Min 13 Max 18
Friday 23 May 2008 Cloudy Min 10 Max 20
Saturday 24 May 2008 Showers. Min 13 Max 22
Sunday 25 May 2008 Cloudy. Min 13 Max 22
Monday 26 May 2008 Fine. Min 11 Max 23
Tuesday 27 May 2008 Fine. Min 10 Max 26
Wednesday 28 May 2008 Fine, partly cloudy. Min 14 Max 22
Thursday 29 may 2008 One or two showers, mainly morning. Min 12 Max 21
Friday 30 May 2008 Cloudy, possible shower. Min 11 Max 22
Saturday 31 may 2008 Showery periods. Min 13 Max 21
Sunday 1 June 2008 Shower or two. Min 12 Max 20

For more details, go to Western Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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