19 days to go!! Into The Wild.

Quite a few people have mentioned either the book or the movie “Into The Wild”, and have compared my current actions to those of Christopher McCandless, the young guy upon whose story the movie is based.

I have had many emails suggesting that I should watch the movie, and there is a discussion on the Bulletin Board that references the book and the movie too. It makes quite interesting reading. Take a look here:-
“Get Over Yourself Buddy” (Update 2020; no longer available online)
Note: comments in this topic reveal some key plot elements, so do not read the forum topic if you have not seen the movie and do not want to know the ending.

And so last night I finally got around to watching the movie.

Chris decides to leave society behind, and as the story develops he removes himself more and more from the world that he feels he has no connection to, eventually living in the wilderness of Alaska.

On his journey he meets a wealth of interesting people, all of them drawn to him because of his free spirit and open approach to life.

One of my favourite parts of the film is his discussion with an old man he befriends, on the subject of why he is going to do what he intends, and move out to live in the wilderness.

“What are you runnin’ away from?” his friend asks him.

“You know, I could ask you the same question, ‘cept I already know the answer,” Chris replies.

“Oh, you do, do ya?”

“Yeah, I do, Mr Franz. You gotta get back out in the world…. get back on the road. Really, you’re gonna live a long time, Ron. You should make a radical change in your lifestyle. I mean, the core of Man’s spirit comes from new experiences.”

Although much of Chris’s reasoning for making radical changes in his life resonates with me, I don’t see myself being too much like him in my motivations. I don’t really share his idealistic nature, and can never imagine myself burning the last of my money by the roadside before setting off!

And I don’t think I could handle the solitude and loneliness that he seems to thrive on.

However, it’s a great movie, and I highly recommend it to anyone dissatisfied with their lot in life, or questioning what life is about. The “eventual and tragic realisation” that Chris discovers is something that I have already realised long ago. I can’t reveal that truth without spoiling the plot a little, but if you want to know what Chris finally realises, either watch the movie, or you can find out in the full synopsis section at IMBD.com – just follow the link below, and click on “full synopsis”.

Find out more about the movie “Into The Wild” at IMDB.com:-

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