18 days to go!! An extra addition to the Life4Sale package…

A few days ago, I explained why there is no iron or ironing board in my house. You can read about that by clicking here.

However, to compensate for any disappointment this may have caused, I am letting you know of an added extra that my auction has, which has not yet been mentioned in any of the website pages at all.

As I have often mentioned in the blog, my career path to this point has not been very structured, and I have spent as much time working for myself as I have working for other people. Even when I have been in a job, I have often engaged in some other part-time self-employment.

A few years ago, while working for Jenny Jones Rugs, I did an online and telephone-based correspondence course in internet business and marketing. One fact that was very clear from the course I did was that one of the best products to sell on the internet is information, as that is what a huge amount of people using the internet are looking for.

Information is such a great product, as it only has to be created once, as an article, a book, a video, a course, or whatever format suits. Once it is created it can be sold over and over again for very little further effort. If that information can also be delivered digitally over the internet, by automated systems, it is cost-free and effort-free to distribute too.

The internet marketing course was run by The Internet Marketing Centre, which can be found at www.MarketingTips.com. They have some amazing and eye-opening products and courses. As part of the course I did I received a copy of their brilliant “Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet”. I guess this package helped me a bit in the creation of the ALife4Sale website, which has received a fair amount of praise. Although I also have to give a huge amount of credit to my brilliant web designer Melanie.

This course is still in my house, and is included as part of my auction:-

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Anyway, my studies caused me to look at my interests and hobbies, as well as what people search for on the internet. One of my passions is video editing, and I decided to write an information book on turning your raw video footage into interesting, well-edited movie masterpieces!

And the website that developed from that was BetterMovieMaking.com. The main page is a sales page for the book itself, “The Complete Guide To Better Movie Making”.

I have let the website slip a bit, and haven’t really updated it for about eight months, but every now and then I get an email to say that another payment of $47 has been made to me, which is nice.

It all works automatically, so if someone decides to make a purchase they can do so, they make a payment that is paid to me automatically, and then they get sent to a download page where they can download their purchase, all without any effort from me. This only happens very occasionally though, as I have not really made any marketing efforts for a long time.

This extra item is included as part of my life, and is a complete, online business, which is currently operating, with some (fairly limited) success. There are no guarantees about how well you could do with it if you were interested in putting in some effort, but it is there for the new owner of my life. Use it, sell it, ignore it and forget about it – it’s your choice if you win the auction.

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