14 days to go!! Movie Quiz.

As the date of the auction approaches, I’m trying to give you more and more details about what is the auction. It’s a hard task as I still live in the house and the small items change a bit (Blog – 47 days to go!!) but I am in the process of listing my DVD collection. I have already mentioned that I owned the first five series of The Sopranos (Blog – 76 days to go!! and Blog – 63 days to go!!) but there are many more and I will try to post a list in the upcoming days.

In the meantime I would like to offer a challenge to all the movie lovers out there.

When the website went live back in March, I posted a video on YouTube about my entertainment system and I used a few of the movies and DVDs I have to make it.

There are 7 movies, 1 video game (PlayStation 1) and 1 live concert used in this video.

Watch it as many times as you like and when you think you’ve got them all, go to:

Enter your name, email address and your list, in any order, of the movies, the game, and the band that appear in the video.

Your response will be sent to me and I will pick a winner at random from the correct entries one week from today, and will let you know in the blog one week from today who that winner is. It is really just for fun, but I will offer a small and meaningful prize to the winner. In fact I have two ideas for a suitable prize, but will give the final choice to the winner as to which they will choose.

Of course, all of these DVDs are included in the auction and the ultimate prize will be for the new owner(s) of my life to watch them all from the new spa on his/her/their new entertainment system.

Good luck.

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