On-going travels.

Well, as I previously suggested, I don’t intend to do much more blogging about my travels. Since the 100 goals journey ended, and the book eventually came out in print, it has been a bit of a relief not to have to stick to my self-imposed regime of regular blog updates.

I have been doing a bit of travelling, and simply enjoying the travels for myself. I left Canada just after Christmas – it was getting far too cold for my liking – and headed to much warmer summer weather in New Zealand for a couple of months.

In March I arrived in England, and spent some time there and in France. The highlight of the month was acting as best man for my friend Bruce as he married Lizzie. Congratulations to you both!

While in England I did a couple of TV interviews. The first was televised last month on ITV’s local news programme, Calendar. Apparently the second interview I did has just aired this week on BBC TV, but I haven’t managed to get a copy of it yet.

Here is the Calendar interview:

It is still my intention to do very little further writing about my travels, but as mentioned in a previous blog, there are some photos available from recent travels, really just for friends and family, but available for anyone else interested too.

Happy travels.

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