Welcome to the windy city.

After trying for some time to find an answer to my vehicular issues in Toronto, I finally gave up, and on Friday night caught the overnight Greyhound bus to Chicago. The trip was about 12 hours, but seemed to pass very quickly. I think I am now getting quite good at just zoning out for such long journeys. I read a bit, watched a TV show I had saved on the computer, listened to some music, and slept a bit, and before I knew it, it was 5am, and I was in Chicago.

I had met Diane and Dawn in Munich at the Oktoberfest, and Diane had very kindly offered a place to stay in Chicago when I arrived. I took the L, which is Chicago’s name for it’s metrorail system, and followed my map to Diane’s.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and catching up on much needed sleep and then after another easy day yesterday Diane and her friend Linda took me to see my first game of ice hockey. We had a couple of beers first, and then headed for the United Center with the rest of the crowds.

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The atmosphere was great, and the game was brilliant, I loved it, particularly when the gloves got thrown off and the punches started flying. Excellent spectator sport. Final result:- local team the Blackhawks beat visiting team Vancouver 4 – 2, so everyone was happy.

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Today I finally got into Chicago city centre, but as I arrived the rain started pouring down. I wandered around, but abandoned my original plan of going up the Sears Tower, as the top of it was shrouded in the clouds. The view would have been non-existent.

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After an hour or two of wandering, I was soaked through, and gave up, and caught the L back home. The L is brilliant. There is a big circular section called The Loop right around the centre of the city. It is completely elevated above the streets, and cars can travel below. The view of the city from the train is great.

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I’m looking forward to exploring the city further on a nicer day.

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