Welcome to Valencia!

Paula and I arrived in Valencia mid-afternoon on Monday, and found a baggage locker and left our rucksacs. We went for a wander around the older part of Valencia, which isn’t far from the station, and took a wander through the dry riverbed area around the old city. The river was diverted to avoid city floods, and the dry bed is now used as a long park/cycle track/sports area/general recreation.

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At 5pm we waited at the front of the station where I had arranged to meet Graham, who had very kindly offered me accomodation in Valencia for the Tomatina Festival period. We only had the vaguest idea of what we each looked like, but eventually met up, as we were both obviously waiting for somebody else.

Graham took us on a quick tour of Valencia, then back home to meet the rest of the family, wife Lynne, daughter Maria, and two youngsters Danny and Anita. They made us feel very welcome, and Lynne had made a lovely meal.

I find it so wonderful that simply from knowing me from my website, people are prepared to help me out with accomodation, and all sorts of other help. But when I saw Graham’s home office, I sort of understood why. He had pictures and reminders of his goals all over the office walls, and many of them were quite similar to a lot of mine. It was clear that he “got” what I am doing and why.

The next day Maria took us on more of a tour around the modern parts of Valencia that we had not seen, and then on to the beach area for a paella by the sea.

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Later in the afternoon we dropped Paula off at her hotel – she is booked in for a couple of days for an organised Tomatina tour – and headed home again.

It seems funny referring to somewhere that I have only slept for one night as home, but when I have been made as welcome as Graham’s family have made me feel, it is easy to do so. My thanks to them for such great hospitality.

Graham works in Valencia as a real estate agent, so anyone looking for property in the Valencia area, Graham’s your man!

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