Underwater Hotel – an invitation to join in…..

On several previous occasions, I have borrowed a quote from the movie “Into The Wild”, in which Christopher McCandless finds himself living completely alone in the Alaskan wilderness. His eventual and somewhat tragic realisation is “Happiness is not real unless shared.”

As I have progressed through my list of goals I have endeavoured, as much as possible, to share my time and adventures with others, and by doing so truly believe I have enjoyed much happier experiences. I have met some wonderful people, and done some amazing things, sometimes as part of achieving my goals, and other times completely non-goal-related.

I have completed a few of my goals on my own, but when compared to other experiences, would have much preferred to have been accompanied, and had someone to share the joy and thrill of achievement with me.

And so I am now planning the US-based next leg of my trip. My first port of call is Miami, and I expect to fly in around the 16th July. South of there, at Key Largo, is a place called Jules’ Underwater Hotel, where I have booked a night under the sea on Saturday 18th July.

click to see Jules' website

The night in the underwater hotel costs $375, but there is a $25 discount currently available. I have booked my place for the night of the 18th, and am keen to have someone else come along to join in, and help me achieve another goal.

The rooms look small and comfortable, and are fitted out with bunk beds, so no issues there, unless you are a loud snorer!! Take a look on Jules’ website here:
Jules’ Underwater Hotel

click to see Jules' website click to see Jules' website click to see Jules' website

If you are interested in coming along, please contact me. Please note, you will need to be a certiified diver, or there is an additional fee of $120, and some training involved!

As well as enjoying sharing the experience with someone else, I will also enjoy the small added bonus of saving myself the 15% single occupancy surcharge, and if you are able to help with transport to Key Largo from Miami and back, that would also be a great help, as I have nothing arranged for this either.

As always, there is an open invitation to join in with pretty much anything else I have planned, and if you can think of any way you may be able to help out too, I would be very grateful.

Regards, Ian

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