Small town LA – life’s little coincidences!

When I wrote on my list of goals that I wanted to juggle with fire clubs, Mark Bakalor contacted me about coming to juggle with internationally reknowned juggler Vova Galchenko in Los Angeles. When Mark saw that I was going to be in LA over Thanksgiving, he emailed and invited me to join his family for the big day.

My days here in LA have been pretty hectic, and I had not got around to confirming with Mark, when I wrote my blog about going out for dinner with Ari Ross, the voice-over guy.

Well, Mark saw that blog and recognised Ari, as Mark had hired him to do some voiceover work on one of Vova’s projects. What a small world! Mark contacted Ari to try to get in touch with me, and eventually I managed to get around to confirming that I would delighted to accept Mark’s invitation.

Mark also invited Ari, and a couple of days after I first met him, I met Ari again. It was wonderful to see Ari’s reaction to the completed work that he had voiceovered for, as he had not seen the finished product.

Ari also filmed some video of the evening of fire clubs juggling, and has edited a great short piece, which really captures for me the relaxed, easy-going, fun evening we all shared, as I fumbled my way through goal number 20!

Thanks again to all who were there, and made it such a memorable evening!

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