Progressing slowly.

The last few days have been pretty hectic, and although it only seems to be slow, I think I am making progress towards goal #61. I got a tip from one of Evan’s friends, and took a look at craigslist for opportunities as a movie extra. From adverts I found there, I have been to a couple of casting calls, and hopefully have secured a role in a scene in a movie which is due to be shot in the next few days. There are a couple of other possibilities too, so I am pretty positive about getting the goal achieved now.

I had a long day yesterday, as I decided I needed to rent a car for a while, as driving and parking the RV in downtown Los Angeles is a bit of an issue, as it won’t fit in any covered parking lots, and won’t fit in a single parking meter space. It is also pretty expensive to drive, as it does about 9 miles per gallon, and Evan’s place is 60 miles from downtown!!

So at the airport where I had booked an economy rental for a week, they only had a cargo van available, and Evan had dropped me off and left me there! I had no choice but to take the cargo van into the city, as I had to be there in time for a scheduled meeting. Then after a quick conducted tour with Eric around the huge mansions of Bel-Air, I drove through Friday afternoon LA rush hour traffic to another car rental depot to swap the van for a small car and just made it in time before they closed. At the same time I was trying to field a couple of phone calls about the RV being advertised for sale, and immediately had to rush back to Evan’s (more LA freeway rush hour traffic!) to show a prospective purchaser the RV.

All ended well though, as Adam bought my travelling home, and wanted to take it there and then. I hurriedly cleared my stuff out, throwing it into the boot (or trunk) of the rental car. I was sorry to see the place that has been my longest term home during the last year disappear down the road, but relieved that my finances are looking a little healthier now for the next part of my journey.

And so now with an economical and relatively easy-to-park vehicle at my disposal I decided to get out and about today. Clay Egan, who I met while in Salt Lake City in August, had emailed to tell me he was going to be at a four wheel drive expo in Pomona this weekend. I drove out there and we hung out for the afternoon, and I wandered around admiring the amazing vehicles.

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The highlight of the afternoon for me was watching the daredevil BMX and freestyle motorcross displays. Those guys are so skillful.

Later we grabbed some dinner, and I crashed for the night at his luxurious suite in the nearby Sheraton. It was great to catch up, and once again, it was very inspiring to be around someone so positive and motivated.

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