Downtown Hollywood!!

On Sunday afternoon I met again with my Segway-riding voice-over pal Ari Ross, who had kindly offered to give me a try at doing a voice-over in his sound booth. After some debate over the type of thing I should try, we settled on a movie trailer that Ari had done for New Films International, for a film called “Multiple Sarcasms”

It seemed an appropriate movie to pick, as it is about a man in his late 40’s, who begins to question his life choices. He quits his job, gets a pushy literary agent friend to represent him and starts writing. Although his marriage ends in divorce, the play he writes is a success and although his life is now different from before, he is happier.

The original trailer, from New Film International, voice-overed (or should that be voiced-over?) by Ari, can be seen here:-
Multiple Sarcasms – original trailer

This is me in the booth, being guided by Ari:

And here is the edited end result, with me doing the voice-over:

Since the weekend things have been pretty slow, and I arrived back at Evan’s beach pad on Monday and re-installed myself on his sofa. Evan has been amazingly tolerant of me drifting in and out of his place, and my time here in southern California has been so much easier (and cheaper!) thanks to his kindness.

We went out for dinner last night, and were laughing about the fact that he is largely responsible for me being on this whole journey. The start of this whole 100goals thing can be attributed to a great degree to one conversation we had back before the ALife4Sale eBay auction.

At the time of the conversation we hadn’t even met, and I thought it was funny that he was probably now thinking that he hadn’t quite expected his suggestion to result in me living in his front room for several weeks!

It’s all very much appreciated though, and I hope I get to repay the favour one day!

Today I have headed back into downtown Hollywood, and am staying for a couple of days at one of the backpacker places in town. Through AB Casting, who I am now registered with for an extra role, I received an invite to a red carpet screening of one of the movies they have been involved in. I thought it was this evening, but I got it wrong! Oh well!

I was also hoping that the goal of appearing as an extra in a movie was going to be achieved tomorrow, but it has been raining for a couple of days here, and the shoot has been rained off, and will have to be re-scheduled for next week. So I now appear to have a few days on my hands.

Ahh, what to do now then? Maybe I’ll head down to San Diego tomorrow for the weekend.

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