Perth progress.

The first thing I did on Monday morning was have a quick check online for dump truck driving jobs in Western Australia, and was amazed to find that jobs at the very mine site that I wanted to work at had just gone online that very morning! My karma seems to be working overtime at the moment!

I rang the employment agency that is dealing with the applications and got further details, and then called my friend Nigel, who now works at that particular mine. Yes, he said, get an application in straight away, as the jobs would go fast.

My application has progressed well, and I had to go for a medical on Wednesday morning, which consisted of a very thorough physical examination, along with a drug and alcohol screen. All was well as far as the doc was concerned.

At the moment I am stil waiting to hear a definite decision from the employment agency, but am pretty hopeful that I will be starting soon.

In the meantime I have got my motorcycle out of my friend’s garage, and have been out and about around Perth. I caught up with my friend Em, who has just sold her bike, and had one more day left before the new owner came to collect it. We took a long ride up the coast and stopped at a seafront pub for a quick beer before heading back.

I also managed to fit in an interview on Wednesday morning for a French TV show, sceduled to be shown sometime in March, I think. The show is called “Les Trente Histoires”, which translated means Thirty Histories, and tells thirty short stories of people who have done unusual things.

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So now that I have got all that organised, it’s time to focus on some Australia-based goals!

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tinaraghul - March 23, 2009 Reply

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