No manta rays yet…

I received a call at lunchtime yesterday from Jack’s Diving Locker, saying that manta ray dive would have to be cancelled due to rough conditions, but I have rescheduled for Monday night, so all is not yet lost.

So with a free schedule I spent a bit of time looking around Dragonfly Ranch and chatting to Barbara, and then headed off to the beach with Henrik, another visitor to the ranch.

At the beach I snorkelled around with the gear that Barbara had lent me, and saw quite a few exotic fish, including colourful angelfish and parrotfish. I was amazed to find turtles right there in the shallows swimming happily around the feet of people wandering in the water.

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Upon my return to Dragonfly Ranch, Henrik offered me a holistic healing session, which involved laying on a massage table while he did his hands-on stuff. It was very relaxing, and I think I slipped off to sleep a bit, and felt pretty good afterwards.

Next was a tarot reading from Penny Clement. She asked if there was any aspect of my life in which I was looking for some answers. I didn’t quite know where to start, as I sort of see this whole trip as a bit of a search for answers, although I am a little vague myself on what my actual questions are!

Anyway, I picked a topic that I feel I do need quite a bit of clarification on, and Penny had me pick cards and lay them out. I was very interested in the cards that came up, and very impressed with Penny’s interpretation and discussion of them. She is a very intuitive and empathetic person, and she certainly gave me a lot of food for thought, and a lot of insight into some of the things that have been on my mind recently.

Penny has made the designs for all the cards herself, and they can all be seen at her website. For your interest, and as a reminder to me, these are the five cards that came up for me from the first deck.

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The evening at Dragonfly Ranch was interesting, with a big meal being put on for the group, and a lot of extra visitors turning up for an evening of music and singing. Eventually I headed to bed, as it’s an early start this morning for the volcano tour.

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David S - January 19, 2009 Reply

I had a tarot reading recently, and also found the results insightful and useful.

I wish you continued good luck on your search for answers. Your quest continues to entertain and inspire our family.

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