We flew into London yesterday morning, and I was expecting my brother to be there to meet us at the Arrivals area at Gatwick. No sign of him!

When I turned my phone on I got a text message from him saying that they had been held up on the M25, by a dog on the road! I thought he was joking.

When we finally met outside arrivals under overcast, grey, drizzling London skies, he said, “You wouldn’t believe it, it was thirty degrees yesterday!” Again I thought he was joking.

On the trip back around the M25 we saw the “Slow – Animals On Road” signs, and passed a police car with a black labrador held in custody! Maybe it really had been thirty degrees the day before.

Today has dawned bright and sunny, no sign of the grim weather that greeted us yesterday, and it is great to be back in England. I have already contacted a few friends and family, and excited about seeing people I haven’t seen for a couple of years – I am really looking forward to a few weeks here.

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