Happy Birthday Martin!

I only have one sibling, my younger brother Martin, and today is his birthday.

Martin and I have always got on pretty well, but with me living in Australia, and him and Rachel in London, opportunity to hang out together over the past eight years or so has been somewhat limited.

However, Martin and Rachel are keen travellers to, and in the first five years that I lived down under, they came to visit four times! I also headed back to the UK a couple of times during those years too, so we saw each other about once a year.

But since I began my 100 weeks adventure, I have seen quite a bit more of my brother. Martin, and his girlfriend Rachel too, have been a big part of my 100goals journey.

He and Rachel live in Ealing, fairly close to Heathrow airport in West London. And so each time I pass through the UK I drop in there. It’s only a short ride on the Underground from the airport to their house.

I also spent Christmas with them up at mum’s house in Darlington just recently, and after New Year, once again met up with them both down in South Africa, where they joined in with a few of the goals scheduled for my time down there.

On the “Join In” page, I have started a “100goals Fantasy League Joining In” table, and have listed on it anyone who has joined me for two or more goals. It is down at the bottom of the page, below the long list of goals, detailing who has joined me on each one.

For a long time my friend Mel here in Perth was leading the field, having joined me on six goals, but Martin, who had joined in with three previous goals, added another three while in South Africa, bringing him level with Mel in first place.

My friend Val, who had joined me in two goals in Colorado, joined me for a few weeks in South America, and added four more goals to his total, putting him in first place too, alongside Mel and Martin.

Rachel is in fourth place, behind these three, as she didn’t come along in London when Martin and I went to meet Richard Branson, and she also missed out on diving with the Great White Sharks in South Africa.

I only have 19 goals left to achieve now, so if anyone wants to beat the league table leaders, it’s going to be pretty tough!!

Anyway, I just wanted to say a BIG happy birthday to my brother, and a BIG “thank you” too to both him and Rachel for their help and support through my adventures. Hope you both have a wonderful day.

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Happy Birthday Martin!!!

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EXX007 - March 14, 2010 Reply

The goal is what really man made for

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