Goal 10 completed! Kingda Ka.

We planned to be at Six Flags New Jersey early this morning, but after a bit of a mix up with the tickets, and a return back to the house to collect them, we got there a bit later than we planned.

It is a holiday weekend, and it was also beautiful sunny day, so the crowds were out. We went straight to Kingda Ka when we got there, but the queue was already 90 minutes long!

Eventually we got to the front of the queue, and had to join another small queue to get the front seat.

When the car set off the acceleration along the flat section at the start was incredible, followed by a fast steep climb up to the summit, which is 456 feet tall. The car slowly rolled over the top, and accelerated vertically down again. The ride publicity says that speeds of 128 mph are reached. It certainly felt fast!

The whole ride was over quickly, but was it was a pretty intense experience.

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We spent the rest of the afternoon in an endless series of queues for other big rides. There were some good ones, my favourites being Superman, and The Great American Scream Machine, but eventually we couldn’t be bothered with the queues any more, and called it a day.

Goal Number 10 completed. Many thanks to Linda, who provided the help and assistance needed to make today possible.

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