This morning I made my way across London to Stansted Airport to catch my flight to Germany. I had hoped to fly direct into Munich, but during Oktoberfest the flights seem to be ridiculously expensive.

So after a bit of searching on the internet last week, I found a flight into Friedrichshafen with bargain-basement airline RyanAir, a hotel for the night there, and a train the next day into Munich, all for less than the price of a Munich flight! The actual flight to Friedrichshafen cost me 1.79 pounds, but with taxes and baggage fees still only cost a bargain 40 pounds in total.

Friedrichshafen sits on the northern, German shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee), right by the German/Swiss border, and the German/Austrian border, and is very scenic.

A short train ride took me into the centre of Friedrichshafen. The hotel I had booked was about ten minutes walk from the station, and turned out to be a lovely place called Villa Von Soden.

I left my bags at the hotel and went to take a walk around the pleasant Bodensee waterfront area for an hour or two as dusk approached.

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