Dreaming difficulties….

I am currently working on my goal of learning how to lucid dream (more info here), and promised to provide an update on how I am progressing.

I had hoped to have been able to report complete success by now, and am afraid I am unable to do so yet, but I have made some significant progress.

I have hardly ever been able to remember any of my dreams, but by following some of the suggestions offered in the Lucid Dreaming Course that I bought, I have been waking at all sorts of odd hours in the night, and scribbling stuff down in the darkness.

I often find that I wake in the morning, and have a vague memory of some of what I dreamt, but when I read my sleepy scrawl, I remember so much more. It is very interesting to see what your own mind has been up to while you sleep – some of it is obviously prompted by the previous day’s experiences – but some of it is pretty wild too.

Like many dreams, they are almost impossible to explain in much detail to anyone else in any sort of terms that would make sense, but they are pretty clear in my head, which is very unusual for me.

One of the oddest experiences I have had is waking up the other morning, having had a dream in which a friend explained a unique business idea to me. When I woke, instead of thinking that it was a pretty wild idea, I thought that it was a great concept. And a couple of days later I still think its a great business possibility. Playing my cards close to my chest for now on this one!!

I keep trying to remember throughout the day to prompt myself to do “reality checks”, by asking myself if I am dreaming, and checking using the course’s suggested methods to see if I am. The idea of this is that if similar circumstances occur in a dream, it will also prompt me to do a “reality check”, which could cause me to recognise that I am actually dreaming, and become lucid – to realise within the dream that it is a dream, and then be able to direct and control things.

I am confident that it will happen eventually, I just have to keep focussed on the idea, and practicing the techniques.

But in the meantime I am having fun seeing what my brain is up to when I leave it to it’s own devices!

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David S - April 17, 2009 Reply

While you may not be a pro at lucid dreaming yet, what you have reported here is encouraging enough.

I just received my package in the mail; thanks again for the negotiated price! Will be cracking it open this weekend. Looking forward to possible insights from peeking into my subconscious mind!

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