Bull ring madness.

I managed to set my alarm correctly for this morning, and was up early again. The only others up and about were Fipps and Ivy, and Fipps was planning to run with the bulls, so Ivy and I went down to the bull ring to watch the end of the run. Despite being over an hour until the start, the place was already packed, but we were lucky to find two seats in a great location.

There are two big video screens high up in the arena, and when eight o’clock finally came around, and the first rockets went off, we could watch the run live on the big screen. It was great to see the crazy progress through the streets, and as the bulls on the screen approached the ring outside, in front of us people were streaming through the tunnel into the ring.

There was a huge cheer as the bulls burst through the fleeing people, who scattered to left and right, as the bulls passed through the ring, and almost directly under us into the stalls. People continued to flow in, and eventually the gates were closed and the bullock madness began again. Check out the video below. My favourite comment of the day: Ivy – “It must be some sort of guy thing, because I don’t know what would make anyone think that this is a good idea!”

Fipps enjoyed himself, and escaped relatively unscathed, tripping once and gathering a couple of scrapes as trophies of the morning. Well done!

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