Back in the air again.

It’s been almost five months since I last went skydiving!! How on earth did that happen? Time has passed so quickly since my trip across Australia in my little camper van back in January and February.

I bought my Toyota camper off a backpacker here in Perth, and drove around 8,000km across Australia, stopping at as many dropzones as I could on the way, and finally sold the camper in Sydney before a last couple of days of jumping.

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It was during that trip that I made a firm decision to go ahead with the ALife4Sale project, and made a start on the website. My last skydive on that trip was on Sunday 20th Feb, and I got a lift straight from the Picton dropzone to Sydney airport, where I managed to get an almost immediate flight back to Perth.

When I got back to Perth in late Feb I worked pretty-much full-time on getting the website ready before going back to work at the rug shop. And once the ALife4Sale website went live on 14th March, things just went a bit crazy with all the media attention.

Somehow I have just been pretty busy over the past few months, and perhaps I had got my fill of skydiving for a while during my trip. But yesterday I dropped some friends of at the airport and headed off to the dropzone.

After a cold and misty start the weather cleared up, and I had a great day jumping. I did two or three jumps with a friend at about the same level as me, and the jumps went very well. I also did a jump on my own, practicing some new skills I had been taught.

Overall, it was a fantastic day, great to get back in the air again, and remember why it is such a brilliant sport. I’ve still got a smile on my face several hours later!

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