“Add 5” voting now ended!!

Voting for the “Add 5” extra goals has now finished. I have been watching the voting with interest, and have not been too worried about which ones make it into the 100 list, as I think they are all pretty exciting.

However some of the movements are interesting, and it would seem that some people have their own particular favourites, and are very keen for them to be in the top five. A couple of the goals seem to have come from nowhere to appear at the top of the list, whereas others which were early leaders for a while have dropped away. On a couple of occasions a goal has appeared to have several hundred votes in the space of a couple of hours, when other goals have received none!

So in the interests of fairness I asked my web-designer-guru to weed out all the multiple votes from the same IP address, and the final results are as follows.

The five goals added to the other 95 to make up the total 100 goals are as follows (click on the link or the picture to find out more):

Goal Number 95 – White water rafting

Goal Number 96 – “7 Peaks in 7 Days” (from the 53 Colorado 14ers (14,000ft peaks))

Goal Number 97 – Ride an ostrich

Goal Number 98 – See an active volcano

Goal Number 99 – Spend a night in a haunted house – alone!

Thanks to all who voted, or made suggestions.

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