“The Chinese Dream”

Living in Shenzhen in China can be quite an eye opener. We have been here for almost a year now, and we are still often surprised by new discoveries and cultural differences. Recently though, I have been struck by many similarities between east and west.

In a modern city such as Shenzhen, pushing for western values and lifestyles, the desire to improve quality of life seems to promote a headlong rush into consumerism, often fuelled by massive amounts of personal debt.

When I was invited to speak at Shenzhen’s PechaKucha event at the end of August I wanted to explore this, and perhaps offer a little word of warning based on my own opinions, gained from my own personal journey.

PechaKucha is an interesting format, allowing only for 20 images, each shown for only 20 seconds each. This gives an absolute deadline for a talk of exactly 6 mins 40 secs. The timing is difficult to get just right, and I found is as challenging to do as my 18 minute TEDx talk.

I hope you enjoy it. What are your thoughts on my message?

This is my talk…

…and this video gives a good overview of the evening

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