TEDx Vienna

When my friends and neighbours Bill and Janis were away last year for a couple of months they had a few different people house sit for them. One person who stayed there for a week or so was Samantha. Sam and I hung out together quite a bit and she introduced me to TED.

If you aren’t familiar with TED, their website is really worth taking a look at. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, but it’s scope is much broader than that. What TED does is have people speak on almost any and every subject imaginable, and post those talks online. They have events and online presentations, and have become a wonderful worldwide inspirational resource:   https://www.ted.com/

Their tag line is “Ideas Worth Spreading”, and as part of that spreading of ideas they encourage others to put on their own TED-inspired events. These are called TEDx events, and there are many of them each year at locations all around the world.

So imagine my surprise to receive an email from Bojana, one of the organisers of TEDxVienna. Would I like to come and speak at their event in November this year? With speaking being something I have often expressed an interest in, this seemed like the ideal opportunity.

Their theme for the event is “Unlimited”, and I have been asked to talk about living a life without limits. Of course I have accepted, and am very excited, and yes, a little nervous too. But I’m confident it is going to be a wonderful experience, and is yet another step along the path of life’s exciting adventure.

And who knows where this might lead me next? Thanks Bojana and all at TEDxVienna for your wonderful invite. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in person soon.

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