September travels #3 – Zion National Park

I have visited Zion NP before on my “100 goals” travel adventure, and was keen to return to spend a little more time here. There were a few hikes I didn’t have time to do on my last visit.

Zion is a beautiful place. From the National Parks brochure:
Immutable yet ever changing, the cliffs of Zion stand resolute, a glowing presence in late day, a wild calm. Melodies of water soothe desert-parched ears, streams twinkle over stone, wren song cascades from red-rock cliffs, cottonwood leaves jitter on the breeze. But when lightning flashes waterfalls erupt from dry cliffs, and floods flash down waterless canyons exploding log jams, hurling boulders, croaking wild joyousness, and dancing stone and water and time. Zion is alive with movement, a river of life always here and always changing.

There are a few other random posts and pix on the social media sites, links at the bottom of this blog post, but this is a pretty definitive gathering of the best pix I captured of this part of the trip:

Zion National Park, Utah

The Narrows

Angel’s Landing

Observation Point

Coming up next…

A return to the Grand Canyon, this time to the North Rim, and hopefully a descent down to the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon.

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