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Vanessa and I have been to a couple of James Malinchak’s “How to be a speaker” events in Los Angeles over the past year, and have been inspired into book-writing action.

I have been interested in doing some inspirational speaking for quite some time now, and after presenting a talk called “A Life Unlimited” at TEDx in vienna last year, I am hoping to do some more speaking.

As a significant part of what I talk about addresses the subject of setting and achieving goals, it seemed logical to write a book on this topic.

The results of a couple of months of hard work are now available in print. “7 Simple Steps to Goal Achieving Success” is a simple-to-follow formula for tackling almost any goal. The book outlines the 7 steps, as well as offering 100 tips to help keep you on track. The book also contains over 100 inspiring quotes from great thinkers and writers on the subject of goals and how to achieve them.

The book is part manual, part inspiration and part notebook, as there is also space to jot any thoughts and ideas the tips and quotes may inspire.

You can invest in a copy of the book by clicking here:

Over the next few days we are hoping to get hold of some copies ourselves and plan to offer to mail these out as author-signed copies over the coming weeks. Send an email via the website contact form if interested in a personally signed copy of the book.

At the same time as the book hits the shelves on Amazon, Richard Branson’s Entrepreneur blog published an article I submitted on our 7 step goal achieving formula.

You can read the article here:

Seven simple steps to achieving all of your goals

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