“House Sitting Magazine”

Vanessa and I have been working hard on the first issue of our new digital magazine, “House Sitting Magazine”.

It’s ready! You can read the latest issues on the magazine website, here:

House Sitting Magazine

House Sitting Magazine will help you to enjoy a life full of travel and cultural experiences. Discover how to live like a local with free accommodation. Or as a home owner, find out how to have your pets, property and possessions looked after, at zero cost, while you travel.

Inspiration for anyone new to house and pet sitting, or for seasoned long term travellers and global nomads, or simply for anyone who wants to be part of this growing trust-based sharing community.

What exactly is house sitting?

House sitting provides the perfect solution for FREE accommodation while travelling. You can choose to holiday short term, or live for longer in amazing destinations all over the world.

It’s simple – you look after someone’s home and usually their pets, while they are away on their own vacation, business trip or ex-pat adventure. It’s a trust based exchange that provides a win-win solution for all parties.

You get to stay in a comfortable (or even luxurious) home for FREE, in return for looking after one, two or more animals. If you love all things furry, then this could be perfect for you.

As a home owner you can find a trustworthy and reliable person, couple or family to take care of your beloved pets and look after you property and possessions while you travel. This is usually at no cost to you as the home owner. You’ll be able to relax while away, secure in the knowledge that everything back at home is in capable hands.

The pets too are winners in this trust-based sharing experience. Instead of being shipped off to spend their time in unfamiliar surroundings at a kennel or cattery, they get to stay in their own home, and stick to familiar and comfortable routines. There is no stress for your furry family members who can’t travel with you.

House sitting really is a win-win-win for all involved – home owner, house sitter and pets.

The house sitting community is growing and many of us are now living amazing lifestyles. Our own full time house sitting experience will take us in this year alone to Fiji, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. All of our accommodation is free, saving us $$$ thousands!

House sitting is fast becoming the ultimate in lifestyle living. It provides a whole world of extraordinary benefits and that’s what we bring to you from the all new House Sitting Magazine.

This is the world’s first digital magazine dedicated to all things related to house and pet sitting.

Every single month we take an informative and entertaining look at house and pet sitting, whether enjoyed as an occasional vacation experience, a unique lifestyle, or as a modern day global or digital nomad.

We cover a wide range of topics, including much more than just house sitting. This is a lifestyle magazine and you will find all sorts of related information, articles and interviews.

House Sitting Magazine showcases the most unusual house sitting travel destinations, provides tips to maintain health and well-being on the road, shows you how to create a mobile income from anywhere in the world, reviews apps and gadgets to make life easier along the way, and discusses ways to make the nomadic lifestyle work efficiently for you.

That’s not all – there are resources, offers, book and course reviews, special issues – all of which will enrich your house sitting and nomadic lifestyle experience.

House Sitting Magazine is for both newbies and experienced house sitters, for home owners, digital nomads, expats and long term travellers. There’s something to inspire everyone – short term vacationers and professional pet sitters.

House Sitting Magazine is available on all mobile devices as a mobile app, presented in an easy to read format and responsive to any size of tablet or phone.

Best of all, subscription is FREE !

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