Pressure is on….

Cameron has done a great job of looking after my little island home for three months, and by all accounts has had a great time down here. He described his time her on one of his facebook posts as “life changing”. I’m glad he enjoyed himself.

I too enjoyed myself in Canada, but it was starting to feel a little wintery, and I was ready to return home. It still feels a little odd, after several years of travel, to have somewhere that I can truly call “home”, but this place really does feel like a home now. I know most of the neighbours – it’s a wonderfully friendly community – and have found a few great social hang-outs.

It wasn’t such a wrench leaving Moe and the kids this time, as in just six short weeks they will arrive here, planning to stay this winter for more than three more months. It will be a very different experience this time, having our own house (and island) rather than renting in town. I’m really looking forward to it.

But now the time I have available to me is starting to feel very short. I still haven’t finished the bathroom. The kids’ bedroom needs a lot of work. The living room still has open walls and exposed plumbing and cabling. And the island, after three months with very little grooming, has reverted to semi-jungle. It is amazing how quickly things grow here.

I also have quite a few party invites and social outings to go to, so it’s not all work and no play. And there is always the constant temptation to down-tools and go snorkelling…

Oh dear, pressure is on!

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