Island Paradise

2013 is already flying by!

Where has January gone? With Moe and the kids here for over three months, it is pretty hard to keep focussed on the work that needs to be done around the island – there are just too many distractions.

There are plenty of invitations to social gatherings, and home schooling often takes a back seat for those. There is also the ever present lure of paddling a kayuku, a local-style canoe, of which we now have quite a collection. The waters are usually calm, and the kids always come back from their expeditions with some interesting new sea creature they have discovered.

However, my personal favourite for idling time away is going out snorkelling. Just out from the island there are a few small reefs, and there is always plenty to see. Further afield, either by kayuku for the nearer locations, or motorboat for the further ones, there is a wealth of snorkelling potential.

Recently we have seen three small nurse sharks, which are very docile and harmless, a couple of rays, and plenty of colourful tropical reef fish.

I have yet to meet them underwater, but ever present are the dolphins, often seen while out and about by boat. We were even woken up the other night by what we believe was a dolphin slapping it’s tail on the water.

There have also been rumours of a manatee, glimpsed a couple of times by our neighbours while fishing. We keep watching out for it in the bay behind the island, but have yet to spot it.

Other distractions include swinging on a hammock reading a book, playing with the dog or the chickens, or just sipping a chilled beer on the porch.

With all this on offer, it’s a wonder I’ve got anything done around the property at all. However, with the end of Moe’s visit looming, and a trip up to Canada and back to England on the cards for me, I’ve had to push on a bit to prepare the house to hand over to my house-sitter who will look after the property and the animals while I am away.

To be continued…

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