Island hand-over tomorrow

April seems to have just flown by. I just looked at my blog page and realised I haven’t posted anything for over a month now.

New island owner Graham and his partner Casey stayed with us for a couple of days at the end of March before setting off on their Central American travels. Vanessa and I have had a month to prepare for their return and our departure, and a month ago that seemed like plenty of time.

Now our living room is a chaos of bags and clothes. What to take and what to leave behind?

Graham and Casey return tomorrow and become official keepers of the island, so we need to create some space for them, and have all of our stuff ready to depart in a few days.

As we will more than likely be away for a year or so, it feel a little like moving house, as all personal stuff has to be either taken with us or stored away.

Once again I marvel at how much “stuff” can be accumulated over the course of a couple of years when living in one place.

We are taking a suitcase each. I really am not much of a fan of “suitcase travel”, usually preferring to have a backpack instead. However, as plans in Texas involve buying an RV it makes sense to take enough clothes and a few other home comforts, as we will have a new home on wheels very soon.

Keep an eye on the blog for travel plans, updates, pix, video and more… coming soon.

You can follow Graham and Casey’s progress at the island here:

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