Back in England.

It’s almost the end of March, I’m back in England, and its freezing here!!

I headed up to Montreal, following Moe, Finn and Maible, who had flown a few hours before me from San Jose. Having no winter clothes at all with me, I imagine I looked a little out of place at Montreal airport in shorts and flip-flops. The first stop was at a charity shop on the way to Moe’s mum’s house, where I bought shoes, jeans, shirts and a big winter jacket.

These have all come in handy back in England, where winter still holds a firm grip. Roads are closed by drifts of snow, and many homes in Scotland have been without electricity for a few days. According to friends and family here it really has been a long cold winter.

I’ve obviously been softened by a couple of years in the Caribbean, as I have been feeling the cold here. I’m looking forward to heading back to Bocas in mid-April.

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